Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Homo Homestead Bike Tour!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The First Bay Area Homo Homestead Tour! Sunday, Oct. 5th

Coming up is the first Bay Area Tour of Homo Homestead! its a way to share in our fabulous queer communities the things we are doing with our homes, our spaces, our lives in the urban world to make them speak a little bit more from our hearts. Gardens, chickens, greywater, coops, pickling, fermenting, canning, and more! We will be visiting four spaces in the city and at each locale there will either be something to learn, do, or sample. Plus, it will be semi-catered by Apothocurious- Community Supported Culinary Adventures.

Sunday, Oct. 25th kicking off at 11am and touring throughout the day until around 4pm. We should be at each space for about and hour and are giving ourselves a generous half-hour to bike between locations. This is mainly a bike tour, so please bring your own bike, helmet, lock and patch kits - there will be at least one mechanic on the tour. I will be posting a map for folks who would rather not bike but would like to meet up at each spot. Please check each location for its accessibility information.

11am: Meet at Dearborn Community Garden where gardener, artiste, and creator of kitchen witchery, Bill Basquin will give a tour of his beloved community garden and perhaps some samples of some bevvies he's concocted. Don't be late! Accessiblity info: No stairs, all the paths in the garden are mulched with woodchips.***On Dearborn at 18th Street (very close to the Women's Bldg)

12:30pm: We arrive at 24th and Bryant to check out the winterized garden and feisty chickens of Joolie Geldner. We will be chicken chatting, harvesting the last summer foods, and making wildflower seedballs for everyone to take home and toss somewhere to wait for spring.

We will also be taking a mini-lunch break here with Rose Johnson of Apothocurious showing off her delicious delectables. Please bring a little donation to help pay for supplies. Accessibility information: Cement ramp/path to backyard. Very small cement patio area but most of the space is grass and dirt. No stairs.
*** 2621 Bryant St. Yellow Victorian- go to side gate

2pm: After scooting down the block, we will meet up with Dirt Star co-founder, Ami Puri of the Pink House at 23rd and Bryant. Here we will check out their very majical Secret Garden, have some tea for folks, a demo of laborious greywater techniques, and an opportunity for people to make and use some seed paper from the garden. Accessibilty info: One flight of stairs into the house and two flights of stairs into the garden. Small concrete patio area, mostly mulched paths in garden.
*** Bryant @ 23rd

3:30pm: Rounding out our tour we will be heading over to Bernal Heights - we will try to make it as flat as possible for everyone, but there will probably be a hill which everyone is welcome to walk up. Here we will tour the home garden of Markos Major, Rainbow Chard Alliance organizer and rabblerouser. Accessibility info: TBA and address forthcoming.

Please RSVP in the comments so we know how many ppl to expect.
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